Because cigarettes and nicotine became unappealing to me 😉👍 And no, the flavor is not an actual pencil.

Train trip to SJ: $9
Seeing him and hearing him say “OH! There’s my girl!”: Priceless

Six-hour break time starts now. Heh. Brianna, we’ll probably run into each other when we both come to back home! 😘


Hey everyone so since I’ve finally reached my goal of 600 followers, I said I was going to do my ps4 giveaway and here it is!! First I would like to thank everyone for their support and being so friendly.
I have to give a huge shout out to my girlfriend elizabethcomstalker because I couldn’t have done this or gotten this far without her. 
So let’s get to it!
-You must be following me as this is a giveaway to my followers. (I will check!)
-The winner will get to choose between the ps4 destiny bundle which I have pre-ordered or the standard black ps4 I have and a choice of ANY game. I will even pre-order a game for the winner.
-I WILL ship internationally.
-I will be using a random generator to select the winner. 
-Likes and EACH reblog will add your URL to the draw. But please do not spam. If you were following me before I made this, your URL is automatically added 5 times.
-I will NOT announce the winner, I will inbox the winner and give them 48 hours to respond, if they do not I will proceed to pick another winner using the random generator.
-The items will be used as to I will still use both of them until the giveaway ends so sorry the destiny bundle won’t be brand new.
-If you have any questions you can message me.
ENDS OCTOBER 1ST. (Good luck everyone!)
My view from now until Monday… Oh boy.
A homeless man walked into Panera asking customers if they could spare some food and change. I turned him away at first and watched others do the same. After a minute of contemplation, I approached him and offered to buy him food. I wanted him to ask for one of the bigger food items on the menu, but he asked for only a pastry, nothing else. I threw in a chocolate chip cookie (because everyone likes chocolate chip). But the way his face lit up, and even more so when he received his food, was so heart-warming and he was so appreciative. Now I’m trying to keep myself from being emotional. Haha, what’s with me? #philz #coffee #panerabread #thisishowilive
You know you made a good choice when you read a new comic in public and someone on the street stops to talk to you about it 😊 #comics #image #imagecomics #rickremender #mateoscalera #deanwhite #blackscience

The best part of having both roommates out of the apartment? Lounging around naked after a hot shower. Excuse me while I catch up on some comics with instrumental hip-hop jazz playing in the background :D

Damn it… Oh well, here we go! 😁 #steam #valve

While coming up the AT&T parking lot near my block, one of their company trucks blocked the driveway and sidewalk with a bicycle close to the right side of his front bumper. It looked like the truck was in the middle of making a turn, but his turn signal wasn’t on. If it had, it would have turned off after the turn was completed. Hmm.

What I was told by witnesses was that the truck overtook the bike, made the right turn while next to, or fairly close to, the cyclist, which resulted in forcing the cyclist to turn with him to avoid slamming into the right side of the vehicle but ended up hitting it anyway. (Sound familiar?) I arrived at the scene in the middle of their altercation and called 9-1-1 as soon as the driver raised his voice at me to defend himself in the situation.

Once the firefighters arrived (with their sleepy eyes and yawns, mind you) they were quick to judge and didn’t have to hear the story. What they saw was a brakeless, fixed gear bike and advised the cyclist to walk away or the police report would have shown that he was at fault. They didn’t see the fact that whether the man had brakes or not, he wouldn’t have had enough time to stop anyway. The crowd dissipated and both the cyclist and driver just walked away, but not without one last argument once the firefighters left. And that was that.

What do I think of it? I was in the same situation almost four years ago and it was frustrating as hell. The entire process was painstakingly long, but I was eventually able to win my case against the people who hit me. And yes, while I understand that riding brakeless is a safety risk in itself, I believe the situation should have been more properly handled by speaking to and allowing both parties explain what had happened (which I thought was protocol). Drivers get away with SO MUCH without any regard of cyclists and their rights. And have you noticed that drivers complain the most about cyclist laws and claim they deserve the road more than cyclists? What is this, the Manifest Destiny of Motor Vehicles?

I thought I was doing the right thing by calling the police. At least I don’t have to wonder what would have happened if I had just walked past.

Excuse me while I punch some holes in the wall.

Hi, I really need to stop and do my homework now. #school #sketches #ink #frenchbulldogs #frenchies #dogs #kalua
I was going to work on my assignment, but it’s almost impossible if I’m looking up reference images of French bulldogs… #school #sketches #ink #frenchbulldogs #frenchies #dogs